Terms Of Service

Prohibition On Sling TV Helps

On the off chance that there is an infringement of the terms and conditions, it will prompt the end of agreement or record. The utilization of the arrangement of our specialized help organization will be made at the caution of the customer. The administration is given on as is and as accessible premise. Our tech administrations are accessible to customers who pay for charges of membership. They can likewise profit this administration through telephone, visit or email. Our organization conveys the privilege to expel content that is unlawful. This is sufficient to erase the record of the customer. Our technical support organization can utilize the facilitating accomplices and third gathering sellers for giving the different important administrations. The customers additionally need to take note of the moving of the substance in an unapproved way. They should investigate the scrambled transmission of the administrations and keep the data right now. This will include transmission over various systems. The customer should admire the progressions for affirmation or adaption to the specialized prerequisites of associating systems and gadgets. Our organization isn't liable for accidental harms.

Cancellation And Termination of Services

On the off chance that the customer drops administration before the finish of settled up month, it will prompt the administration scratch-off and customer won't be charged sooner rather than later. The information of the customer is documented in different dynamic servers as and when the need comes up later on. The customer is liable for account crossing out and it will be his will. For the record wiping out, the solicitation will be sent to the record administration director and the customer will get an affirmation for this. Our technical support organization will drop the record if the customer utilizes the unlawful programming. Our specialized help organization conveys the privilege to reject the administrations that emerge from the unapproved get to. By the end of the record, there will be no entrance to PC administrations.

Content Ownership And Copyright

Sling TV Helps reserves reserves the privilege to expel unapproved content. The information that is imparted to our organization will remain the licensed innovation of that individual or the outsider. In such cases, we won't claim the copyrights.

No warranty

Use of our services and availing the benefits of Sling TV Helps is at solely your risk. Sling TV Helps neither warrants or confirm the accuracy and quality of service in any form. We hold no liability for any hardware and software loss. If any financial or technical loss result from using our website or service, we will not be responsible.


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