Simple Steps to Recover Sling TV Password | Updated Method [2020]

February 2020

Simple Steps to Recover Sling TV Password | Updated Method [2020]

Just think of a situation when you kept all the things aside and left office earlier to watch the final basketball match on your favorite video streaming app Sling. But, totally unaware of the coming setback with full blown excitement in anticipation about the match, you prepare yourself mentally to witness the high-voltage match. And to your surprise, at the very last moment, you grow anxious when you come to know that you have forgotten Sling TV login password. And the worst thing is that you don't know the simple steps to recover the Sling TV forgotten password. Likewise the other millions of people, you also take resort to the internet and ask questions I have forgotten Sling password! What to do? Or How to modify the password in Sling? But, end with getting no helpful assistance. 

If this is the issue with you, you will be glad to know that you have reached the right place. Here in this blog, we are going to discuss the step by step method to recover the forgotten password on Sling TV. And also you will get an overview of steps to changing the password even if you have not forgotten the password.

One more thing before we continue! If your matter of concern is other than just updating the missing or forgotten password like getting an error message, black screen or any other issue related to audio-video, feel free to get direct assistance from the Sling TV customer support. On the other hand, if your concern is just learning the easy steps to modify the forgotten password on Sling TV, read on this helping post. 

How Do I Reset my Sling TV Forgotten Password on Phone?

Password offers protection to all kinds of digital accounts like email, social media account, online bank accounts and other important applications. Password protection is extremely beneficial undeniably. But, things turn out sour when the users forget the password and struggle a lot to recover the password. But, a piece of good news is that this is not the case with Sling. The best part of the Sling TV services is that users can  recover the forgotten password with the help of these steps:

  • Open the Sling App on your phone and get to the sign-in window.
  • Press the Forgotten password tab.
  • Here type your email id in the given field.
  • Hit the submit tab.
  • Now login to your email id to find the password resetting link.
  • Search for the link that you have got from the Sling. Open this link.
  • Follow the simple password recovery instructions available on the screen.
  • Here comes a dedicated window where you have to create your unique and new Sling password.
  • Make sure you create a difficult but memorable password. 
  • Enter your password two times and press the done tab. 

How Do I Update my Sling TV password?

Keep changing the password at some regular intervals is among the best practices to keep your account safe from all kinds of growing digital threats. Especially if you notice any kind of unusual activity on your account, you must change your password without any second thought. Find below the steps to change the password of your Sling:

  • Open the official site of sling TV (
  • Click on the sign-in tab available at the right corner of the screen.
  • Here comes a login Window. Enter your user/email id and then type your password.
  • Now click the Sign-in tab.
  • Then, now choose my account tab from the available option.
  • Here on this page in the right-side panel under the personal information column, you can see the change password option.
  • Click on the change password tab.
  • Now enter your current password one more time in the field.
  • Right here on this page in the next available fields enter your new and unique password two times.
  • Now click change password to save the changes. 
  • Congrats as you have changed the password and now you can take a sigh of relief.

Final Words

This is how simply you can recover Sling TV forgotten password and change in just a few clicks. If you carefully follow the above-mentioned instructions, you will be able to reset the password of the sling. But, if by a matter of chance you face any kind of issue, feel free to get connected with the Sling TV customer service.


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