Getting an Orange Spinning Wheel on Sling TV | Fix It Now

February 2020

Getting an Orange Spinning Wheel on Sling TV | Fix It Now

Entertainment has become an integral part of life. Thanks to the online television services for bridging the gap between busy life and entertainment. More specifically if we talk about revolutionary and reputable digital service providers in the USA, Sling TV tops the list. People love to watch their favourite shows, live matches, news and music shows on Sling. Hassle-free and quality services are almost guaranteed until & unless you get an orange spinning wheel on Sling. The bitter truth is that such buffering and hang screen issues in the middle of the video can appear all of sudden and prevent you from enjoying your much-loved TV shows. But, what you may not know is that you can easily fix such loading or buffering issues in Sling TV on the phone or site.

If you are also getting an orange spinning wheel on a Sling TV screen, you don't need to be upset. With the help of these steps mentioned in this helping post, you can sort out the problem in Sling TV. One more thing before we continue! If your matter of concern is something else, you can get direct assistance from the Sling TV experts. Alternatively, you can read further this problem-tackling post and continue to enjoy watching your beloved TV shows.

Possible Reason for Getting Orange Spinning Wheel in Sling TV

The chances of getting disgusting and non-stop rotating wheel increase when several devices are connected to the network of Sling through the same internet connection. However, there could be a few issues. To get rid of slow buffering or interrupted streaming issues on Sling TV, it is better to understand the reason for the problem. If you can find out the reason, you can fix the issue at earliest. Hence, for hassle-free troubleshooting, we have mentioned a few numbers of the most common possible reasons for getting an orange spinning wheel in Sling TV.

  • Availability of less bandwidth.
  • Presence of viruses and bugs in the device.
  • Excessive storage of cache and cookies memories in the device.
  • Poor or slow internet signals may also attract an orange blue spinning wheel problem.
  • Incorrect date and time settings adversely affect the phone performance. 
  • Multiple login on various devices at the same time.  

As you have known the possible reasons for getting annoying loading and buffering issues in the form of an orange spinning wheel, now scroll down to find the simple steps to fix such interruption. 

Simple Step to Getting Rid of Orange Spinning Wheel on Sling

Experts refer to buffering wheel issues on the screen as a matter of slowdown or disturbance between the server of Sling and the device. And the main cause for disrupted connection may either lay in your device itself or server of the Sling TV. If you don't know the exact source of the problem, you better follow all the below-mentioned remedial steps for the instant solution of the loading issue in Sling.

  • Do not access the Sling TV on the common internet connection.
  • Verify whether your device is getting enough internet signals or not. Improve the strength of the internet signal if you found it not up to the mark.
  • Make sure you have enough bandwidth available to watch Sling TV.
  • Check and make sure that you are not login to your Sling account on other devices.
  • Delete all the stored cache and cookies memories from your phone.
  • Make sure the date and time settings are correct on your phone.
  • Scan your device with a certified and quality anti-virus application.
  • Don't use VPN to access Sling on your phone.
  • Still found no solution, close the app and reopen it.
  • If all the above-mentioned steps didn't work, uninstall and reinstall the Sling App. Hopefully, it will settle down the issue.

Final Thoughts

This is how in simple steps you can fix the buffering or orange spinning wheel issue on Sling TV. We are sure if you follow all the above-mentioned instructions carefully; the loading or screen freezing issue will getaway and your show will start to play normally. By any matter of chance, even after following the all mentioned tips and tricks if your issue remains unresolved, feel free to get direct assistance from Sling TV customer service number.


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