Quick Steps to Fix Video and Audio Syncing Problems on Sling

August 2020

Quick Steps to Fix Video and Audio Syncing Problems on Sling

In a short period of time the million people have switched from traditional TV to online TV. The reasons for such a major change are quite visible on the surface. Internet based video streaming services are comparatively fast, compatible, accessible and offer hassle-free services 24hrs. But, a sad truth is that digital service is also not foolproof. Slow buffering, unresponsive screen, frequent interruption in the middle of the running of the show and so many other issues are quite normal. Similarly, audio and video related issues are also unwanted experiences. 

As the title of this post suggests, in this post we are going to discuss the simple ways to fix audio and video related issues on Sling TV. However, we recommend you to dial the Sling customer service phone number for quick assistance. Troubleshooting information in this post is just for knowledge purposes. Before I tell you the quick remedial steps to fix the problems, it is important to know what could be the possible reasons for getting poor audio and video quality. 

Why am I getting a choppy and broken voice on Sling? 

Faint or unclear voice is something that can devastate your mood. But, a piece of good news is that this terrible looking problem has some simple solutions and quick fixes. To successfully get over this issue, first you need to find where the problem could be. Here are some possible problems: 

  • Any disturbance in the connectivity between your Sling TV App and internet is the most common reason for getting unclear and poor sound quality. 
  • Second most common reason could be having any malfunction in the home theater, speaker and music system. 
  • Sometimes loose wire connection, damaged or worn out jack, cables and connections also invite the poor sound quality. 
  • If you are getting interrupted sound quality on your phone, then the chances are high that something has gone wrong with your internal phone’s speakers. 

Fix issue of video freezes but the sound keeps playing on Sling

This situation is worse than an audio-video syncing problem on Sling. However, the video freezing problem is less frequent and easy to resolve. Let's take a short look at some effective ways to get over it.

  • If you are getting the issue on Amazon fire TV, go to the home button with the help of a remote. Select setting and then My Fire TV option.
  • Select the option of system and device if you find it instead of My Fire TV.
  • Now press the restart button.
  • Now restart the video and check whether the video freezing issue has gone or not.
  • If you are using any other device like a phone, PC, laptop, tablet, Xbox, Roku or any other device, search for the restart button under the settings tab.  
  • Don't be upset if you don't find the restart button. You can switch off and after a few seconds turn on your device. Hopefully, you will not find the same issue.  
  •  If all the above-mentioned tips and tricks didn't solve your issue, it means only the experts of Sling can fix this issue.

Final Words

Today in our helping post we have discussed how to fix video and audio syncing problems on Sling. Also, we have briefly discussed the effective steps to fix the issue of video freezing. We are sure if you follow all the above-mentioned troubleshooting steps, certainly, you will get rid of such disgusting sling errors. But, even after following these steps your problem remains unresolved, dial the Sling phone number to get direct assistance.


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